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Python & R vs. SPSS & SAS with remarks on Power BI & Tableau We compare the four most commonly used statistical analysis programs, two open source languages (Python and R) with two commercial parties (SPSS and SAS). We also look at Power BI and Tableau, applications for dashboarding and reporting, and remark where they stand in this discussion.


How to formulate a Data Strategy The key factor in building a data-driven organization is a clear and thought-through data strategy derived from the business strategy, led by a data champion with insight into the overarching goals and operation processes of the business.

Data Integration for Data Warehousing In this blog we will discuss how data can be integrated from different sources and how a data warehouse can facilitate that, combined with the advantages that the latest data warehouse techniques can offer.

Continuous Improvement through Process Mining and the PDCA Cycle Process Mining makes use of the data that can be extracted out of the automated processes/event logs to gain better insight of what is really happening.