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Dpulse will measure your Data pulse!

  • Are you currently maximizing the value of your data?
  • Is your data management system ensuring long term competitivity?
  • DPulse will do a quickscan and advice how to maximize the value of your data and be ready for the future.

How does it work?

Sample questions

I. Data Strategy Score Comment
Do you have a data strategy that is documented and reviewed at least annually? 1-5
Is your company a data driven company on a scale 1-5? 1-5
II. Data Integration
Do you have enough technical knowledge to determine which kind of resources you need? 1-5
III. Predictive Analytics
Are you using 'Big Data' techniques/tools, such as Machine Learning, Predictive analytics, Deep learning? 1-5
IV. Data Governance
Does the organization have a written policy for data management, including acquiring, maintaining, using, and archiving or destroying data? 1-5
V. Security and Privacy
Do you have comprehensive security and privacy procedures that are regularly reviewed? 1-5
Are you regularly undertaking a risk assessment regarding security and privacy? 1-5
VI. Dashboard
Does the company have clearly defined KPI's/Objectives that are depicted in a dashboard? 1-5
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Contact: Paul van Puijenbroek
Cell: (+31) 06-16680602
Email: pvp@dpulse.nl